Tales of Hasan

"The Tales of Hasan" is an adventure game with a typical African setting. The game tells a story of a hero's quest to solve the plights of his people.His mission to save his village and its people from destruction leads him on a journey with unexpected events.

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“The Tales of Hassan ” is an addictive adventure game with a typical African setting developed mainly for android phones. The game tells a story of a hero's quest to solve the plights of his people. His quest to save his village and its people from destruction leads him on journey with unexpected events. The Game has 30+ exciting levels where the player takes the role of the hero(Hasan). On His journey he is encountered by different interesting characters. Meet the evil dwarfs,Baba tunde the good old wizzard, Soronko the wicked prince. The trolls,the wicked evil witch kyewa, shika the princess and many more.


Tales of Hasan is Absolutely FREE
  • Roll, jump, fly, and stomp your way through 40 challenging levels
  • For android phone as low as 1.5
  • Supports all screen sizes and resolutions. and automatically adjusts to device controls.


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Tales of Hasan game quides the player through 30+ exciting levels. Fly, and stomb your way through these levels, smashing your way through obstacles and stombing on dwarfs,trolls, executioners, and fight strategically with soronko and and the kyewaa the evil witch. enjoy and have more insight into the Tales of hasan Gameplay. click to watch the cinematic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Tales of Hasan free?.
  • What prizes do i stand to win for playing the game.
  • Is the game available on android only.
  • Do I have to play all levels to win prizes.
  • How do i get a Free Tales of Hasan T-shirt.

Testimonials from our first players.

  • "The Tales of Hasan is very cool.simple and fun to play.Play on your way hom from work.your spare time as well and still be rewarded with amazing prizes" --Bola Ray - Managing Director of Empire Ghana
  • "

    I just wanted to tell you that you guys are the BEST game developers on the continent! A million thanks for making at least Tales of Hasan free and still rewarding players!
    " --Latunde Etiko - C.E.O Starfish Mobile Nigeria
  • "Never thought game developers like trigger pixels will emmerge from africa.And Tales of Hasan is good start.Really Love it." --Adams Reese - Managing Editor for Empire Online Gh.
  • "Trigger Pixels phlex thier minds with Tales of Hasan. this game is exciting. Stombing the dwarfs is my favourite.." --Jonathan Attipoe - C.E.O of PlexMinds
"Visit our site for more information about Trigger Pixels and Upcoming Games ."
-Trigger Pixels